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There are small similarities between Joomla and WordPress. Actually both are CMS ( content management systems ), but usually people can't decide, which one is more suitable for them according their requirements. In reality, both CMS have great features, but normally they are popular within specific communities.

People who start blogging activities mostly prefer Word-Press due to its simplicity and Joomla is most probably prefered by those people who have a higher technical knowledge in web designing and developing. By utilizing the resources of template providers, Joomla is easier to setup and get running than it used to be.


The following features you can easily differentiate both CMS.

Features of Joomla –

* User Management.
* Media Manager.
* Web Indexing .
* Menu Manager
* RSS feeds .
* Cached page to performance improvement .
* Printable pages .
* Flash news .
* Blogs .
* Forums .
* Calendars .
* Site Searches .
* Polls .
* Banner Management.
* Template Management.
* Contact Management.
* Web Link Management.
* Multi-languages manager.
* Integrated Help System.
* System Features.
* Web Services.
* Powerful Extensibility.

Features of Word-Press

* It is easy to manage and simple to use.
* Post dating of content
* Automatic tiering of page using the categories facility (which Google likes)
* Remote blogging facility available in Word-Press
* The CMS is easy to handle.
* Open source (you can easily update it)
* Layout is easily changeable (depending on the way it’s set up)
* Hundreds of widget plug-ins offering all sorts of facilities.
* Readily changeable ‘theme’ for your website
* Pings get your message out there as soon as you ‘post’.
* Cross-blog communication tools.
* Comments.
* Spam protection.
* Full user registration.
* Password Protected Posts.
* Simple installation and upgrades.
* Easy Importing.
* XML-RPC interface.
* Typographical niceties.
* Smart text formatting.
* Multiple Users.
* Bookmarklets.

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Why VPS Hosting> https://aardcom.com/our-blog/why-vps-hosting https://aardcom.com/our-blog/why-vps-hosting

Finding a reliable, secure and high performance web hosting partner for hosting critical data is an important task for small to medium businesses. While they need speed, reliablility and high visibility online they may not have the required resources or capital required to invest in a high end dedicated hosting plan. A VPS hosting is ideal solution for such businesses as it affords them the performance they require without incurring the high costs.


VPS stands for virtual private server hosting. Based on operating system there are mainly two types of VPS hosting services. One is windows VPS and another one is Linux VPS. There are some differences between windows VPS hosting and Linux VPS hosting.

Windows VPS :

This is a virtual server which is based on windows operating system. Windows is very flexible and it provides the performance and access levels of a dedicated server. Windows VPS generally supports custom Windows applications like ASP, ASP.NET and Sharepoint web pages as well as Microsoft SQL and Access databases. If any user wants to run custom Microsoft applications, scripts or softwares on their VPS, they have to select windows based VPS hosting services. For eg, if you want to create your website with ASP, FrontPage, ASP.NET environment, Windows Streaming Media, MS Access, MS SQL Server, or any of the another Microsoft technologies, then you should select Windows hosting or else Linux hosting should be fine.

Linux VPS:

This is a virtual server which is based on linux operating system. Linux is very flexible and it provide the performance and access levels of a dedicated server. Linux VPS easily supports web features. As for example : PHP, MySQL, POP3 etc. Linux is a open source OS, So it is cheaper than another OS. Linux hosting is normally suitable for most applications and software. It is normally preferred as it is an open source application and thus a cheaper hosting option.

A VPS hosting provides users with root access to their own server meaning they can customize it and install custom scripts or softwares as per their businesses requirements. It is just like a dedicated server and users get all the benefits of a dedicated server without having to pay the costs of a dedicated server. If you own a growing businesses with large resource requirements, you should consider a VPS server for your requirements. You can install ecommerce applications and softwares on the VPS to sell your products or conduct your online business.

We provide managed Linux VPS Hosting and Windows VPS hosting plans

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