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Tuesday22 September 2020

We know that utilizing a CMS system for the first time can be a daunting task. We can provide management services for your website CMS based on your specific needs. After installing the system you can build and manage the site on your own or we can manage the site for you. You choose the level of service required and are free to change those requirements as your level of understanding grows.

We support several CMS offerings that run on Apache. As administrators we love Joomla! for content management with addon features and flexibility there is nothing out there that comes close. Whether you are building a simple 5-10 page site or a online magazine, we think Joomla provides a great base to build on and easily make updates and add new features. Our staff understand the system and can help you build a site using it as your CMS.

For every account we host, we assist with the setup and configuration of your host server to get your website online as quickly as possible. For site transfers of existing sites we take care of it all - backup the existing site, transfer and setup on the new server.

If you have an existing website and are thinking of updating to a CMS system, we can examine your current setup and discuss your objectives. We can then make recomendations as to which sytem is best suited to your goals as well as which package to choose.

If you want to make use of security components for your website or plan to use e-commerce addons, you will require a private IP. The private IP address is just like having your own phone number instead of using a partyline.

Do you have digital content you wish to stream over the internet. Training videos, promotional videos, corporate meetings, video webconferencing, conference sessions? We can help.

When you need a dedicated server for your host platform or want to lock down security, we can provide you with your own private server.

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